Microfiber Microfiber with Clear Sides Lace The Invisible Panty has a super low back designed to look invisible under most fashions Almost backless in the back for the ultimate no "peek-a-boo" panty option. You can wear it with any style: formal, casual, sports wear, tight fitting clothes. Very comfortable with adjustable leg openings.  100% Cotton gusset for hygiene and comfortable Available Fabrics: Microfiber or Lace Front Panel Available Colors: Beige, Chocolate Brown, Black Available Sizes: XS/S, M/L, XL/2XL, 3XL/4XL © TaBare Couture 2010  - All Rights Reserved 2010 Instructions: The Invisible Panty is very simple to wear. You actually put them on like a normal panty, but you have the option to adjust the legs for a custom and comfortable fit.   TaBare Couture’s Invisible Adhesive Thong without side bands. This thong adheres to your skin for a seamless look under all fashions. Modesty Patch as used by women for minimal and discreet coverage. Does not mark or deform the body Very attractive as if you were not wearing anything Totally invisible under any tight fitting fashions You can wear it with any garment, formal, casual, sports wear, tight fitting clothes. So comfortable you can even wear it pregnant Cottoned gusset for hygiene and comfortable Hygienic and Hypo allergic silicone adhesive Washable & re-usable up to 10 times Size: One Size (fits all misses sizes). PLUS SIZE COMING SOON! Available in three colors: Nude, Tan and Brown Instructions: Apply to clean and dry skin, free of all oils and powders.  Gently peel the thong of the coated paper starting with the front (largest area to the back.  Adhere the thong to the front area by gently adhering it to clean, dry skin. Hold this area, while you wrap the thong to the back and adhere the back tab to the highest area without streching.   The look should be similar to a regular thong. The thong will sit naturally in the area where it stops (depending on your size).  Be careful not to stretch the skin while fitting. Hold both adhered areas for 15 seconds before releasing.  Removal: Gently peal off slowly from one end and then the other. Care: Clean the Invisible Thong gently with warm water and mild soap. Let the thong dry naturally with the adhesive side up until completely dry. Return the thong to the coated paper for storage.  The Invisible Thong is reusable and should wear up to 20 times with proper care. Invisible Thongs are made of Polyester and Silicone Hypoallergenic adhesive.  Composition: 99% Polyester fabric and 1% Silicone Hypoallergenic adhesive.